Another week, another episode of Shuffle! This week it is the Primula Part A. So, for the sentence summary, it is the same as the last five or so weeks but with Primula, if you couldn’t guess. Still, it’s not bad and I’m sure it will come into some use later on.

So it starts off with Rin finding Primula in the arcade, staring at the game with the cats for prizes. Rin offers to win it for her, but he is a broke man. Primula, for some reason, knows Rin’s name and she knows Nerine. So Rin decides to take her to his place, since she is kinda attached to him anyway. It is the same as the first series, she ends up staying at Rin’s place.

After that it goes to the part where they go bra shopping for Primula. Rin, of course, after a few seconds gets out while he can. Nothing new here either, he still buys the cat and all of that. I was kinda disapointed with that, that was all that was really shown. There is a lot more to Primula than what was shown. Of all the ones so far, I think this is the worst, content wise. It skips the whole experiment side of her and all of that.

Though, when some things are bad, other things are great. In this case, it is the OP and ED. Those animations are awesome as normal. These seem to be the best so far, though. I hope it is a sign that the ‘new’ stuff will come and will be awesome.

So, this is all about I have to say for this episode. I still think it is worth watching, but I think it is lacking a bit. I see great things coming in the future though. Also pictures will be up soon ^^