Ah, episode 4; this episode is all for going back to explain what happened so people know what is going on. So, why wasn’t this the first episode? I have no clue, but whatever. Onward away!

Caused it all

Caused it all

So, this episode is the whole ‘lets see how it did happen’, meaning the viewers get to see what made stuff the way it is. Now instead of wait till later, I’ll just say it now: its a brooch. For those of you who don’t know what a brooch is, I’ll copy a definition.

Brooch - a clasp or ornament having a pin at the back for passing through the clothing and a catch for securing the point of the pin.

Yep, there it is; that is what caused Sumire to see virus and maybe get her sweet berserker power. So, soon, I hope, later it will be explained better what it did exactly and stuff (With my luck…its not happening).

So this episode starts with Surmire rushing to get home, but then finds the brooch and pricks herself on it. She goes to lick the blood off (its not that way >.>) and well, then she can kinda see viruses now. They go to attack her, but lucky enough for her Lucia is there to save the day.

With that Surmire and Lucia are on the run. Finally they think they are safe, but they are attacked and the brooch falls to the ground. Apparently it is important to Lucia, and she is very thankful. But in standard anime fashion the demon comes out of nowhere and attacks. Thus leading everyone to the graveyard (get it? Demon, graveyard?…ok fine no more puns).

So the fight begins and it looks like Lucia is winning. That is until the demon gets a hold of Sumire. Lucia tries to not shoot her, but she did. Lucky for us Sumire becomes a living anti-virus when she is shot by the bullet and then she takes care of the demon herself.

Then she wakes up at Lucia’s shop, and she is filled in to the whole situation. In the end she is given the choice to live there, and since it is a flashback the answer is yes. They all say that they want to test her power and maybe reverse it and all of that, but nothing has really happened with that.

Overall, it was an OK episode. It isn’t the best thus far, but it is just a nice watch. It is nice how they are trying to fill in all the plot holes and such. I can’t really think of much else. I just need to see more, I think.

Still can’t aim

Still can't aim

What!? This episode you were suppose to explain! not confuse!

What!? Ep you were suppose to enplane not confuse