Heh, I know my break in the last blog was abrupt, but I had to post, and I had to get offline at the same time. I just posted what I had at the time, but that led to the fact that I had to finish it. So here it is, D.Gray-Man episode 18, part two.

So there they are, inside the glasses shop laughing at how the glasses look on Linalee, when the akuma turns out the lights. The akuma grabs Russell, knocking him out. He then takes Russell’s image when Linalee asks what is going on. The akuma replies “I’m sure it’s just a plain blackout.” He is about to stab her, when he trips and lands on top of Linalee. By now, Komui runs into the shop, and seeing Russell (the akuma) on top of Linalee sends him into a rage. He Calls out to Komurin III, that’s right, III. This giant robot is the biggest, most powerful creation Komui has come up with so far. It has several attacks with names such as “Komurin beam”. The akuma runs for it’s life (although it is in no real danger). Everyone starts chasing after Komui, and Linalee puts on her boots. She reaches him (kicking Komui’s head repeatedly) and explains that she was just searching for a present for Komui (which she hands to him), and had promised Russell that if he helped her find a present for her brother she would help him find a present for his son. Komui tells Komurin to cease the attack, and the rest of the scientist team catches up to them. Linalee tells the akuma/Russell that she will now help him find his son’s present. Turning her back on the akuma, the akuma/Russell sees it’s chance. It attacks Linalee, but before it could harm her Allen kills it. In the meantime, Komui is making his robot jump, due to his joy at getting a present from Linalee. He destroys a huge building, and a Paris-tower-like structure. Linalee gets mad, and destroys Komurin III. Squad Leader Reever asks what they will do with the town, and Komui tells them that they will have to work together to fix it. In the meantime he says he has to go fix Komurin III. Everyone then proceeds to beat him with an unknown object, which is very amusing.

That pretty much concludes D.Gray-Man episode 18, Sorry for the inconvenience.