Welcome to D.Gray-Man episode 18. Posting again because Shadro is too busy playing WoW, but w/e.

So this one is also a filler, but that’s okay because it is hilarious. It starts with Komui walking around. He sees Linalee talking to Russell and that they are both laughing. Komui hurried over to her to see what they were talking about, but Russell said that he had to go somewhere. When Komui asked Linalee what they were talking about Linalee said she forgot, and that she had somewhere to go. It then goes to the research group, and Allen and Lavi are hanging out there. Linalee walks by, with Komui holding onto her. She said that she was going to town, but Komui told her it’s too dangerous for her. She manages to get away from her brother, but then Komui notices Russell isn’t there either. Squad Leader Reever said that Russell went into town as well today. Komui then remembers that they were talking together and laughing earlier. Komui comes to the conclusion that Russell and Linalee are dating. He freaks out and chases after her. One of the scientists comes running in talking about how Komurin II was taken from a room labeled “danger”. It then goes to Komui riding on top of Komurin II towards the town. After he rants about Russell, it goes to an akuma. We never learn this akuma’s name, but he is comedy relief. The akuma is a level two, but it doesn’t have any weapons that akumas usually have. After being thrown by a woman, bit by a dog, and trampled by children it starts talking about it’s mission to kill Linalee. The akuma says that due to his perfect transforming technique he doesn’t really mind losing his abilities. Right then he sees Linalee walking down the row and thinks itself lucky. It goes to throw a bomb, but Komui and Komurin come up from underneath it, sending it flying through the air. The akuma lands through a picture. Allen and the scientist group push Komui into an alley, and when he keeps talking about obliterating Russell, they have Allen destroy Komurin II. Komui freaks out and takes out a bazooka looking device, aims it at Allen and fires. It attaches an octopus head to him, which he has immense trouble getting off. After some talking they convince Komui not to attack him until they are sure what Russell is doing. Linalee walks into a men’s clothes store, and is greeted by the akuma in disguise. The akuma acts as if he is one of the employees of the store, and shows them to the ties. Linalee puts the tie up to Russell to check what it looks like, and Komui freaks out again. He lights a bomb that he claims will destroy the world (heh) and the science team asks Allen to stop him. Unfortunately Allen still has the octopus head on and is trying to get it off, so Lavi stops the bomb himself. As soon as he stops the bomb, Komui grabs a bomb from inside of his shirt, lights it and then is about to throw it. Lavi knocks him off balance, but he accedently throws the bomb at the store anyways. A dog opens the door right when the akuma is about to knife Linalee in the back (he has been sneaking up behind her for a while). The akuma opens his mouth in horror as the bomb goes right into his mouth and he swallows it (This made me laugh), thus blowing him up and into the post sign (again). Linalee and Russell stop in a coffee shop next, and accidentally touches Linalee’s hand when he reaches for the sugar. The man who served them the tea was the akuma, and he poisoned Linalee’s tea. Komui throws flying bombs after he sees the touching, but Lavi blocks it and it hits the akuma, sending him into the post board (yes, again). Next, Linalee goes to a hat shop, and asks Russell if a certain hat looks good. Komui screams that he can’t take it anymore, and calls over #65. He forces #65 to drink this potion that turns him into a macho #65, slapping a bomb onto 65’s head he sends him to the shop. Lavi once again is about to stop him, but Komui hits him with a blowpipe. The scientist group then try to stop him, but accidentally make the control break, sending 65 at the akuma. 65’s bomb blows up, predictably sending the akuma at the post board again. Next Linalee and Russell go to a glasses shop. This concludes D.Gray-Man episode 18 (part one)