Here we are for the second episode of Air Gear. It picks up right where it left off from episode one and then ends with another cliff hanger. Onward we go.

Starting from the last episode, Ikki was in a battle with the Skull Riders and was losing. That is until the sisters come and help Ikki out, leaveing only him and the leader left to finish this race. Lucky for Ikki, he wins thanks to his grind on the power line trick.

After that, Ikki is punished quite well and is not allowed to say anything about the sleeping forest. So at school he decides to make his own team and his first to people to join are his friends. Then after classes he gets Ringo to start to teach him ATs.

Then during the night Ikki sneaks out and finds Simca being chased by two guys. Ikki takes care of those and he is rewarded by Simca with a kiss none-the-less. All that really does is make Ringo jealous, but she tries to hide it…not well, but still tries.

The next day, Ikki goes to the spot where Simca comes to practice and this time goes to greet Ikki, and gives him a emblem to the Rez-Boa-Dog. This only gets him to go into a match with them. Along with their crazy leader. The battle is just a simple race to a tower and Ikki is given a 3 second start.

Even with the head start they catch up, but lucky for Ikki the boss cares for his friends, allowing Ikki to win. During that, there is a little meeting with Ringo and Simca, that ends with Simca being slapped.

When Ikki wins the battle he gets into a bad situation and it ends there. This is another good episode and it keeps you waiting for more. Sure it may not be the best, but it doesn’t have to be.

PS - Pictures will come at a later time, sorry about that.