Yea, I’m back. The slave driver Shadro wants me to make another blog, but I’ll get him back later (or perhaps I have already gotten my revenge?). Anyways, we left off right when Victorio carved Kanda’s side pretty badly. It was sweet because of all that blood that fell out of him, coalescing into a pool beneath him. But enough of that, this is the new episode, and Kanda’s pool of blood is no longer there. Instead it shows maybe a couple drops of blood fall into the water (maybe the people who made it decided that that pool was way too much blood for a person to loose and still live?). P.S. Spoiler alert, more so than usual.

Before Victorio can lay the final blow, however, Allen runs down and tries to attack Victorio. Unfortunately for him Victorio is ungodly strong, and he slashes up Allen’s arm a lot (wow, I would hate to see what Komui is going to do about that) while Allen is trying to dodge, and give Kanda a chance to make his escape. Linalee jumps down to make sure he is still living, due to the fact that he collapsed into the water. Kanda basically says that nobody could die from a wound like that (that is so ridiculous). Some really confusing conversation happens, but they basically say that innocence makes Victorio go crazy powerful when activated near him. Also they mention the fact that he isn’t compatible. Allen is currently getting owned, and Linalee comes in to save him. Victorio swings his giant blade and it pushes her out of the way. He tells them that he won’t fight women. Finally Victorio backs Allen into a corner and is about to finish him. Luckily for Allen, though, Claudia tells Victorio to stop. He immediately does so, but when Allen tries to talk to her Victorio stops him with his blade. Day turns to night, and Kanda is sitting on a bed, recovering from his wounds. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes my files get slightly corrupted. I can’t see some of the letters due to this, but I will tell you what I can. The finder begins talking to Allen and Linalee about Claudia and her father’s past. He basically tells them that they used to be a happy family until the father grew rich. Then the story telling goes to the old lady. She tells them of the ancient story of the millennium warrior. She tells them the story we knew about already. Allen and Linalee talk to each other for a while, they come to the understanding that as long as he has the innocence Akuma will come. The scene fades out and goes to where Victorio and Claudia are. Claudia is dreaming about her past, and Victorio has made dinner, Claudia wakes up after the dream and eats with Victorio. It then fades out once again and goes to Kanda. Guess what? Kanda’s wounds have healed (who would have guessed?). I will kind of ruin it a bit for you, Kanda has a regenerative ability that is apart from the innocence as far as I could tell. I think it has it’s limits though. Anyways Allen and Linalee are both surprised, but Allen forces Kanda to stay where he is and think of a way to beat Victorio. Allen and Linalee then rush out to help Victorio fight akuma, but when they get there Victorio has it well under control. He easily ownzes a level 2(3?) akuma, as well as 7-10 level 1 akuma. After the last akuma dies, Allen begs Victorio to understand that the princess is dead, and that he should just give up. Linalee goes to Claudia, and tries to speak some sense into her. Neither will listen though, because both are content with what is going on. Claudia didn’t want an arranged marriage, and that is why she asked Victorio to help. All in the meantime Allen is getting owned by Victorio. Just like last time, Allen is almost killed, but Kanda comes to his rescue. Immediately Kanda gets this HUGE slice into his left arm, but Kanda smiles and cuts off Victorio’s sword arm. Victorio screams in pain, and then goes into a flashback. Claudia is all freaking out, and calling out to Victorio. Victorio admits that he knew that Claudia wasn’t the princess all along (he is aging rapidly). He then tells her to live for herself. She cries for a while, and then it faded out for a bit. It went back to her house and showed her father sitting in the garden, with a sad face. In the background you hear Linalee talking about how Claudia went there and took her stuff then left to live out her own life.

Ha! That is my obligatory blog post for the day, now go make Shadro post some