Wow, this episode had a lot in it; it didn’t seem like that from the beginning. The reason I have dubbed it the turning point is because after watching this, the plot seems to be laid out completely and everything is set for the end to start its approach. Warning for content is here.

Real Men Bake

Real Men Bake

This episode starts off with…COOKING! Yes, it starts off with Kuu trying to make a cake. Nothing wrong with that either, I’m all for it. But being the clumsy person she is…well you know CRASH, BANG, BOOM and she is covered in stuff along with the floor.

How is this problem solved, well in classic Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora form, there is only 1 true answer. That is, bath time! So, yes the bath parts are back in full force. It’s just the same really as the last..what 3 or so times.

So after words, there is the problem that all the stuff to make cake is gone. So, guess what? SHOPPING! This episode has nearly everything I tell you. Kuu in the end picks out this horse pin cus it looks like the one guys and stuff.

During all of this, Mika finishes her plans and makes Kaon the perfect slave. Her emotions are gone, it is not cool. This leads for an attack on Kuu and the rest. The result of the battle: Kuu is captured.

Then the huge twist comes in. We find out that Kuu is an Absolute Angle! Yes, that is right and we find it out when Himiko kisses Kuu. Then with that, Kuu is in shock like us and the episode ends.

Bath Time…again

Bath Time...again