Well, here I am again. This time, predictably, for D.Gray-Man episode 16. It’s soo uncool that the admin thinks he has it bad – I only have a 56k conn and I can’t get on as often as him. Anyways, back to the Blog. This is another filler, but that isn’t too bad. It starts out with some old lady telling a story about some 1000 year old guy, who fought for a woman named Sandra.

Sandra was “A beautiful princess…” “…born to the King who ruled this land.” Basically she didn’t want any of the guys that kept trying to marry her, so she said she would only marry the strongest, and that’s when the King’s fighter Victorio fought off all the people that wanted to marry her. He kept winning and winning even after she became sick and died. The story goes on to say that he keeps fighting anyone who goes into the collusium. So with this in mind, Komui sent Kanda. Kanda faces off with this swordsman and some light flashes. After that it goes to the religious organization. Komui tells Allen about this and that Komui hasn’t responded. Allen goes to see what’s up. Linalee joins up with him, but she is angry at him. This is kinda crazy because in the manga it shows her being angry at him as well, for the same reason. She is still mad because Allen asked her why she stopped him from killing the akuma, but He ends up apologizing to her. They make a pretty big scene about it at the train station and everyone stares at them for a few seconds, but then they get on the train. They talk on the train for a bit, and then it goes back to Kanda. Kanda is doing just fine, but there are like 7 Akuma around, and Kanda takes ‘em out real fast. It then goes back to Allen and Linalee, (this whole episode is in Rome) and there are all these bounty hunters and stuff out at this village they are at. It seems a local merchant’s daughter has been kidnapped, and that they are offering a huge reward to the people who find get her back. Some guy comes running in on a horse, and has the bounty hunters come to the merchant’s mansion. They tell them that they will be giving up 1/10 of the guy’s fortune for whoever brings back the daughter, Claudia, and kills Victorio. Allen and Linalee end up talking to him about what was going on. They find out that the guy is just greedy and wants his family to become nobility – thus the arranged marriage. Allen gets mad about this because of their greed. Allen says as much to them, and himself and Linalee leave. I think this is kinda weird, but Allen says that they found no clues about the innocence or Victorio, but isn’t this whole thing a clue? I thought it was pretty obvious, but maybe they are just a little slow… Anyways the bounty hunters set out the next morning, and storm the coliseum, unfortunately there are more akuma that come in and the akuma start slaughtering the people. Some people try to fight back, but we know that only anti-akuma weapons can hurt them. They make a general retreat. They then meet again, and the offer is increased to 1/5 of the monies from the merchant. A lot of people are motivated by this, but some are discouraged by the fact that the akuma were there. The motivated people go, and fight the akuma for a few seconds, but Allen kills most of them. Victorio makes an appearance and kills another one. The mercenaries attack Victorio, but he blocks their bullets with his blade. He then swings his blade, and in one mighty slash he kills most of the mercs. Allen is about to fight, but Kanda makes an appearance. Kanda and Victorio exchange blows for a while. In the meantime, the finder that was assigned to Kanda is talking to Allen and Linalee. He tells them how Kanda was fighting Victorio for 3 straight days, and that the akuma appeared and Victorio left for a while. Then Kanda killed the Akuma, as well as rested for a day or two. Back to Kanda’s fight, Kanda finally lays a mortal blow to Victorio, but Victorio heals really really quickly, and slashes Kanda badly in the side. This caught Kanda by surprise, as he bled a pool of blood where he stood, but I thought it was pretty cool. It pretty much ends there, so anticipate the next D.Gray-Man episode ;P