2007 February

February 2007

Yep, new series for me to pick up. It should obvious that it is going to be a mech one. But this really reminded me of old mech anime, just like…redone.




Meh, it is time for the post-filler blog post. This is where I will place my thoughts on the previous filler episodes before now. All in all, the group of episodes was good enough to not get angry about. (more…)

Ok, lets get this straight, this series is supposed to be 13 episodes, the first 7 are recaps. This isn’t looking to good for the series. This is another week of recaps and I didn’t hate it. I kinda drifted from Shuffle! near the end the first time, so some of this stuff is new to me. But old stuff is old stuff, also there is the fact that some parts that should be shown are still not there.

See, arcade is still huge in Japan

See, arcade is still huge in Japan


So, many of you know that there is going to be a Castlevania movie. If not…well you do now, but that isn’t all. Also there is going to be a Castlevania cartoon as well. It is said it will go straight to DVD. With this news it brings up a lot, my question is how good will it be. Video Game movies and such, don’t do to well; so could Castlevania be the one to break this. Me? I don’t think so, I think this is just one that should stay a game. I think it is one of those games that just wouldn’t work anywhere else other than in the game. So, there is some news for ya people. Drop off a comment I would like to hear your opinions.

w00t go me for being so far behind, but I’m came back. I needed a mech fix, hasn’t been that much around lately and stuff and I need to get this finished too :P So, really this was a good episode after 4-7 around it wasn’t the best, this one did seem to give me a new hope so it can be what it was at the beginning, which was awesome.

Oooooo Shinny Object

Oooooooo Shinny Object


All right it may have taken forever (because of my lazyness with editing) but the second episode of the podcast is here. It is about music…for the most part and I fixed the volume so you can hear it a lot better. Um…warning for cursing a lot and…randomness, enjoy and leave comments ^^

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Some may call me lazy, but once again here is a fairly popular list that I found a few years back. If you don’t know what an overlord is, google it. The copyright explains itself.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING THE COPYRIGHT: (Shadro Edit: Right after the cut :P)

This will be real fast:

This is about how I am right now


This is where I want to end up

Nowhere close...

Kinda makes me wish for my laptop I didn’t get rid of windows while installing Linux…I hope I pick up to stuff soon…

Lurks off to learn more

Okay, the first thing you must realize is that I did not make this list, nor do I claim any credit for making it. It’s just that my friend found it on the internet, and I thought it was pretty funny so I figured I might as well post it. Some mature content.


Well, I did plan to finish Fate Stay in one sitting, but that didn’t do well. So here is what I did get done.


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