*Sigh*. I am so worked to death… Anyways this is D.Gray-Man episode 15, enjoy reading through the anime. There isn’t really much to say in the prelude to this, so I will get right into it.

Chapters so far:


Chapters this covers:


Okay, so I think I mentioned that this particular thing isn’t from the manga, but w/e. It starts out with Linalee and Komui talking, but they say nothing significant, so this I will be skipping. After this short time, it shows Allen being carried by Lavi and Allen waking up. Allen apologizes for have Lavi carry him, and Kanda thinks Allen is worthless. They all find some shelter (Elda, her father, Kanda, Allen and Lavi). Allen asks Kanda where the finder is, and Kanda talks about their expendability. Before Allen is able to say anything, Michael makes it into the place. Elda notices that Allen is sick, so she proposes that he stay. It ends up that Elda, her father and Michael stay as well, while Kanda and Lavi go to search for the innocence. You can imagine that the father doesn’t like this one bit, so as soon as they were all asleep, he went out and followed Kanda and Lavi. Elda notices a while later and wakes Allen up so that they can go follow him. In the meantime, Kanda and Lavi are at the entrance to a cave, but can’t get in due to the weather. This is where Lavi uses his hammer and manipulates nature. They enter the cave, and the father follows them from a descrete distance. They end up finding this awesome tree (it’s just really really green). Kanda goes up to touch it, but it repulses him like swatting a fly. The father comes, and runs towards the tree trying to get a leaf from the tree. It ownzes him like 3 times before the old man gets knocked out. Kanda has other plans for the tree though, he pulls out his sword and activates the innocence. Quickly taking down the tree, he recovers the innocence. The father runs up to Kanda demanding the innocence, calling it the “leaf of revival”. Lavi explains why it isn’t the leaf, and then they go outside. Little did they know that it was an akuma ambush. They attack for a while, and it looks pretty sweet, but they don’t manage to kill a single one at first. The leader of the akuma thought that the others were fools. So she did something you probably wouldn’t expect. She devours her companions in order to gain their strengths. Right then the father grapple holds Kanda which allows him to be frozen to the ground by the akuma’s attack. Lucky for them Allen came there right then to the rescue. Kanda and Lavi ask for Allen to shoot the ice from their legs, releasing them from their constraints. Thusly armed, all three of them begin attacking the akuma. Kanda and Lavi land some pretty nice blows, but Allen completely obliterates it. For about 2 minutes it goes into how the father wanted to revive Jacob, his son, but the group ends up convincing him that he should pay more attention to his daughter. The exorcists aren’t in the safe yet!! Skin Bolic decides that it is time to get involved himself. Luckily though, the Earl recalled Skin, and Rhode wanted Relo back so Skin really couldn’t do anything.

Yea, so that was a pretty crazy episode. Download the manga to get ahead of the anime, at least that’s what I always say.