Okay, this is my first video game blog, but I will do my best.

Blacknova Traders is an online game that is browser based. You are basicly a space ship, and you play against other people, trying to be the best. There are different styles of gameplay that you can choose - such as Trader, Banker or Conquerer. You fly around the universe, upgrading your ship and creating/conquering/destroying planets. After a while people will start attacking you, and you can attack people. It is pretty cool when you have been playing against the other people for a while, because you can get grudges and whatnot. There is a choice to join/create an alliance as well. After a while the server resets though. I find this an interesting experience as it puts everyone back onto an even playing field. Anyways, you can messege each other and whatnot, which adds to the competitiveness. Did I mention that it is also turn based? You get like 3 turns at an increment of 3 minutes, and you can have a max of 2500 turns. This keeps the playing a little bit even for everybody. All in all I would give this game a 7.5 out of 10, due to it’s free online status, as well as how fun it is in general. If anyone else has played this game, I would be interested to hear what they think about it.