Welcome to D.Gray-Man episode 14! It has been a while since I have been online, and therefore I haven’t been very recent with the episodes and what-not. Oh they changed the ending music but kept the begining music.

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Not in manga.

Wow, I didn’t think they would make one that isn’t part of the manga, but I guess it shouldn’t surprise me at all. The beginning is amazing, Skin Bolic appears. Skin Bolic is a Noah who likes sweet things, and he is pretty much a bully when it comes to people he thinks are beneath himself. Skin is walking through a blizzard, and he has Relo with him (The talking umbrella). They don’t say much, and not much really happens because it is only like 15-20 seconds long, but after this short thing they go to the Organization’s headquarters. Allen is ordering a huge meal again, and bookman says that it is because parasite type innocence takes up a lot of energy. Allen gets called down into Komui’s office because he is supposed to search for new innocence due to rapid weather changing. Once again, Allen teams up with Yu Kanda. Kanda doesn’t like the idea very much, but they don’t really have a choice. Before they leave Bookman and Lavi join their party, and Kanda likes that even less. When they get to the town, they meet the finder who will be helping them. The finder’s name is Michael. Even though there is a blizzard out, Kanda begins to search for the innocence, and this drags Allen and the others out as well. While walking, they find two people, a man and his daughter (The daughter’s name is Elda but we don’t learn the father’s name). They are in search for the leaf of revival (It amuses me how the Japanese botch mythology so much) which is a leaf that Sigmund uses to revive his son. This is supposed to be a reference to Sigmund the Volsung, but Sigmund never did have a son. Anyways, when the two people were found lying in the snow and brought back to an inn, Kanda choose to go on ahead instead. He took Michael with him. We don’t see much of them in this episode. Anyways back to the inn. Allen and the others go to leave, advising the father and Elda not to go on. The father thinks that they want it all to themselves, and Allen warns them that there are people who would take advantage of the fact that he wants to revive somebody. After a small argument, the father decides to follow Allen and Lavi (Bookman is staying inside, climate changes are messing with his old body). After a fade-out and fade-in we end up in a house where Tiki and Rhode are. Rhode complains to Tiki that since Skin took Relo there isn’t anything to do. Some pretty funny stuff happens between them in about the span of half a minute. It then goes back to Allen and Lavi but lots of nothing happens for about 3-5 minutes with them, so I will be skipping a little bit. After the aforementioned time has passed, Allen and Lavi find themselves fighting three akuma, all while protecting Elda and the father. The akuma tried to sneak up on them in disguise, but Allen’s healed eye saw through that. After a minute or so of fighting, it is obvious that they are outmatched, but Kanda comes to the rescue! Unfortunately the akuma run off as soon as Kanda enters the battlefield, so there isn’t much that happens there. That pretty much sums up this episode, tune in for the next blog ;p.