Yeah…everybody else is doing a list of stuff, so hey why not, I can do it too. Onward.

2007 New Series

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora - So far it is a nice series, first episode was highly confusing, but it came though in the second…with the help of fanservice.

Shuffle! Memories - First episode wasn’t the best, but my hopes are still high for it and looks to turn into a good series.

Venus Versus Virus - It is the mix between D. Gray Man and Chrono Crusade (or Chrno Crusade for those of you hip) so what isn’t to like?

2006-2007 Series

Soukou no Strain - Stared great, goes down, but seems to go back up again. Only time will tell what is going to happen.

Asatte no Houkou - Slice of Life…but with age swapping, its so new and fresh it is good and the art is done well.

D. Gray Man - Allen has a huge arm that turns into a sword and a gun, and there are all the other characters with cool weapons…and demon killing. It has to be watched.


Air Gear - When this comes it is going to be a revisit, it wasn’t the best series; that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be enjoyable.

So there you are, a list of what will be coming up in the blog, also have no fear, more will come. So remember: We will keep bloging, whether you’re here or not.