All right, time I got around to this. The moment I saw Air Gear for the first time I just automatically saw references to Jet Set Radio Future (JSRF). JSRF, for you who don’t know, is an X-Box game that is a sequel to the Dreamcast game Jet Grind Radio. Anyway, read on to see how both are so very alike.

All right the most common thing between the two is the jet skates. Air Gear has them JSRF has them. They’re basically the same, expect there are not really types in JSRF, you just have a pair. Other than that, they’re the same thing…ok not called the same either, but they each have the cool looking sparks and stuff.

Now we move on to the people who use the skates. In both Air Gear and JSRF anyone who rides a pair is part of this group. Air Gear it is ‘Stromriders’, JSRF ‘rudies’. Then those break down even further. Air Gear there was ‘Genesis’ and so on, JSRF ‘GGs’ and more. Also in both they have their fights against one another. However, unlike Air Gear JSRF has graffiti. The graffiti is the main gameplay mechanic in JSRF. It is used for spraying it on walls, cars, so on. It is also used for battle at times too. Also like Air Gear, JSRF has its turf war battles and so on.

The music is also very common in both. It has that fast beat, punk, techno feel to it. Both soundtracks are great and fit with the style of what the game and series are about. Also it really fits with the art style. For Air Gear not so much but it does. JSRF has a cel-shadeing so the music just seems like it should be there.

Now there you go. You now know why Air Gear is much like JSRF, and I recommend you watch Air Gear and play JSRF.