All right people time to get a start a new series. Yeah, this was a pretty crazy first episode here. Heck there are times where I was like “What is even going on anymore?”, though my guard was down for it starting off slowish. Read on to see how it went. Oh, here is your “click here and there is sure to be fanservice” warning.

No one knows who this even is yet

No one knows who this even is yet

This series starts off with a dream sequence. I seriously think every series now a days starts with a flashback or a dream sequence. Anyway, it is a girl named Kuu dreaming of her prince. Thankfully, her friend brings Kuu back to the real world and asks her whats up. Even though it is obvious what it is because of the festival coming up. Where there is this tradition of card giving and people will fall in love. So Kuu was going to give her card to this one dude (he looked like a chick though), but he was taken already. Kuu wasn’t like disappointed by that, she is weird…I think.

So now Kuu and her friend are headed toward class. Her friend is talking about all these guys going missing and there is this strange girl with a cloak that is seen after school hours. Then even further in her little tangent she hopes the squad will come because there all these guys and stuff…

Well, wouldn’t you know, not soon after class starts the squad comes in, but only to leave a transfer student, Kyoshiro. All the girls fall instantly in love with him and Kuu thinks she is the prince she dreams of. Now it skips ahead to lunch and Kuu’s friend comes over to tell all the girls Kyoshiro is playing the violin. So like the fangirls they are they head over to him. Then all of a sudden, Kyoshiro stops and walks toward Kuu. There is a pause and they stare at each other. Then out of nowhere, Kyoshiro rips open Kuu’s shirt. Then there is something that starts to glow on Kuu’s chest. So then I’m like “WTF is going on?!”

Then, kinda obvious, Kuu runs off. Then she goes back and thinks about her dream again and how that guy is just like him still, but then it is interrupted as she sees a girl above her. This is the one girl with the cloak that is supposedly behind the missing guys. That girl leaves and then all of a sudden…BOOM! Explosion! Then after the smoke disappears that cloak girl is there again saying she lost the target.

Then it shifts back over to Kuu who is looking for Kyoshiro because of her dream and feelings and stuff. She finds him in the old building, but when she gets there she sees him kissing the girl in the cloak. For no apparent reason she starts crying and runs away. On her way out she sees her friend who was just bitten by a vampire cat girl. Kuu herself is about to get bitten as well, but the girl in the cloak, who is know in a maids outfit, comes and saves her.

Now the battle starts where mechs are summoned. These mechs come in to attack and leave, basically. Also, they don’t just come all in at once, like only an arm will appear sometimes and attack. It is crazy stuff and there is much destruction. So during the battle Kuu has to be saved once again, and she is saved by Kyoshiro who is on a unicorn (I can’t make this stuff up). Kuu’s chest starts to glow again, this has to be her power awakening or something. Then Kyoshiro and the cloak girl who is named Setsuna team up the mech and the unicorn to defeat the cat girl vampire. Kuu then wakes up only to be kissed by Kyoshiro. With that the episode ends.

So overall, it was all right. It isn’t the best first episode, but it wasn’t bad. It was confusing enough and it tries to be just about every type of anime at once. Art looks nice and the plot even though confusing leaves me wanting more, mostly because all these people were shown for two seconds and didn’t say a thing. So, looks like this one is gonna be blog on for a while more at least.

Her Chest is glowing…what do you want me to say

Her Chest is glowing...what do you want me to say

Flying Kick

Flying Kick