Asatte no Houkou episode 3 starts, or continues on, with the process of Shouko and Karada dealing with their new forms. I was really surprised with this episode, I did have doubts about the series in the last episode. This episdoe though, has shown me what the series can become and it is something that shouldn’t be missed.

Clothes Shopping

Clothes Shopping

As I said before, this episode starts off with dealing with their new forms. So, this includes shopping. First off is getting Shouko glasses so she can see to the best of her ability. Next off is clothes for Karada, Shouko’s old clothes don’t do the job. Then Shouko needs clothes as well. During all this, Shouko suggests that they tell Hiro…Karada doesn’t take to that plan well though.

After all the shopping is done and Karada hits some hard times though it, they head back to Shouko’s place and have dinner. Shouko complements on Karada’s cooking. Shouko talks about Hiro again, but Karada just can’t handle it yet. During the night Shouko tries to call Hiro, but in the end doesn’t.

Then the episode switches over to Hiro’s side, where he is down and depressed. Him and all his and Karada friends are looking for Karada, but with no luck. Now, ironically enough, a guy comes into to the restaurant where Hiro is at and asks for directions. Where to, none other than Shouko’s place.

Hiro then of course heads overs to Shouko’s place. Now, of course, Shouko isn’t expecting Hiro to come over and she opens the door and Shouko answers. Quickly she realizes her mistake and says she is Shouko’s sister and Hiro is just that stupid to believe it. Anyway, Shouko invites Hiro in, overs him some tea, food, and all that stuff. Then Shouko starts to talk about what ‘her sister’ said about her old boyfriend namely Hiro. After that almost if on cue Karada calls Shouko and says she is coming home early.

Hiro says something that gets Shouko pissed and she takes off running. Hiro runs after her. Not before a flashback though. This one shows the relationship Shouko and Hiro had. Also how Hiro left and Shouko waited only to get a letter saying he isn’t coming back. They end up at the shrine and Hiro stops Shouko and apologies. Shouko tires to slap Hiro, but her height doesn’t allow that and says all the things she should have said to Hiro before. Hiro explains what happened and how Shouko isn’t really his sister. After that Shouko tires to explain the whole situation to Hiro, but of course he doesn’t believe her.

They head back to Shouko’s place where Karada is and in comes Hiro. Shouko tries to tell him that is her sister, but he doesn’t seem to believe. With that the episode ends.

As I said at the beginning this episode really turned the series around for me. The art just looks great and it has a great story along with that. I look forward to the next episode where maybe Hiro finally sees the truth.