Back in the day, arcades were huge in both the US and Japan. There were smash hits like: Pac-man, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong. Years later the arcade may have died out in the US, but just the opposite has happened in Japan.

In Japan, the arcade is still huge. Though for them to survive, they had to become better. No longer is it just a joystick. Many new ways to play games have come. One example is cards. Now there are card arcade games, where cards are used to do a number of things. One game is huge right now and that is a Gundam arcade game where cards are used to control the mech and fire weapons and so forth.

Also, with the increasing advancements a new mechanics has come into the arcades, saving data. Now there are cards that prove to be the same as memory cards. This allows people to save unlockable stuff, custom characters, and so on.

Another thing that adds on to the memory cards is the multiplayer fact. These new arcade games do have multiplayer between machines. For example the Gundam game is a multiplayer game. Along with that there are things like multiplayer mah-jong as well.

One last thing I want to touch on is how the arcade offers an experience that home games can’t do. Just from simple light-gun games, to the racing where you get the whole experience. Those are things that can’t be done in homes. That is what made the arcade popular at first. There weren’t home versions of arcade games first. The way I see it, arcades will stay huge in Japan for those facts. For the US, maybe we just missed out; it would prove difficult for the arcade to come back with the number of arcades dropping. Not to say it wouldn’t be nice to get some of these arcade games from Japan.