Here I am with the review I hinted in this post. This game is the sequel to Jump Super Stars and gives improvements in just about every way to make the game better than it was before.

So for those of you don’t know the first game. It is basically Super Smash Brothers with Shonen Jump characters. So you have your simple beating on one another. However this is the DS, we have 2 screens, so how does that fit in. Well, your top screen is the gameplay with the fighting and what not. The bottom screen is a custom deck that you make with pieces of a number of squares. The bigger ones, the characters. Smaller, support and such.

The second game follows the gameplay almost to a tee, but makes a few improvements. For one for a deck you have a leader and left and right hand man. The left and right respond to the shoulder buttons for quick use. Leader is who you start the battle with, simple enough.

In the first game characters were made by these templates and you had to fit in the right squares. Very hard if you don’t read Japanese or don’t know anything about the anime. The second game fixes this, it has now become a nice upgrade system with points. It works well and doesn’t give you a headache.

The number of characters have gone up in the game as well. Most of the same series return like Naruto, D. Gray Man, Bleach, and so on. Some new ones come in as well. Also the characters have changed moves and such from game 1 to 2, for example Naruto is now all the time jump/shift characters and such. This is one time where change is good.

Above all the best improvement in this game is the addition of Wifi. The first game had great multiplayer, and the second game comes back with that makes some minor changes and takes it online. For the most part the online goes smooth, may get a little laggy sometimes, but it runs great. This alone makes the game a buy and gives huge replay value.

If I had to make any complaints it would be the graphics and the balance of characters. The graphics haven’t changed much and some improvement would have been nice, but they are smooth and nice looking still. Balance of characters…once you get hallow Ichigo your all powerful, and there are some other characters like that as well. Though it isn’t to bad, they can be beat; it is no easy feat though.

In the end for an anime game it is awesome. For a normal video game it is that as well, which is a hard find. If you can find/import it do it. You will not be disappointed.