Here we are once again in the world of shiny mechs with S-Strain episode 4. At the end of the last episode we saw Sara against all odds get a STRAIN to work with the MIMIC Emily. How does it turn out? Read on to find out.

She looks just like–

She looks just like--

All right, so this episode starts off with nearly every character going after Ralph. Of course by every character I mean Sara and Lotti (who else’s name was said really). Anyway, Lotti reaches Ralph first. Her fight…doesn’t go so well. She is easily beat and Sara came in and saved her.

Lotti doesn’t even know that Sara is in the STRAIN so she is a bit confused. Now though, we have Sara and Ralph going at it. Sara is trying to talk some sense into her brother, but it’s doing nothing. At least the battle looks awesome, with the CGness and stuff. Also the mechanic is going crazy because his STRAIN is working.
Back at the ship side, things are not going so well. The ship is getting overrun by the enemy. They are trying to break into the ship, but they question this strategy because there are enough numbers to take down the other ships. So they must be after something. Now lets think here: what is/was on the ship that could be special. My personal guess is they are after Emily. Either way, more GAMBEEs are sent to try to stop this, but they are not doing the best job.

The STRAINS are called to go back to the ship. Once again though Lotti was hit and again was saved. After all this talk of her being so great, what is going on really. Anyway, she is having a hard time because she wants to get Ralph. Not today for her though, another STRAIN pilot convinces her to head back to the ship.

The STRAIN units didn’t make it in time though, and the bridge was broken into and there was death. During all of this Sara was still fighting Ralph. Ralph got the upper hand, but now Sara was saved. There is so much saving of STRAINS in this episode, its crazy. Sara is about to go after Ralph again for he started to run. This other STRAIN pilot stops her though and her energy of the STRAIN was very low. Sara at that time is going crazy trying to get after brother.

After this battle Lotti is pissed and has found out that Sara was the pilot of the red STRAIN. Also this is where we meet the rest of the STRAIN unit…they are all crazy. Anyway, they head to where Sara is and Lotti starts pounding questions on Sara. However it is the mechanic to the rescue. He makes up something so like it was classified or what not.

After the mechanic gets all the STRAIN pilots out of there he can finally talk to Sara. They try to figure out just what has happened, with no luck of course. However, Sara is now going to move in with the mechanic because she can pilot the STRAIN and such. Also no one can find out the Emily is not Sara’s MIMIC.

We now get to view the enemy side. It shows the leader lady and such. Then we see this girl that looks exactly like Emily. This brings up tons of questions. Is it another MIMIC thing? Or is it the true owner of Emily? Who knows. Then Ralph talks to the leader person and then we find out there is a relationship there. Crazy stuff on the enemy side.

Back at the other ship, the damage is huge and the sub-lightspeed training has ended for repairs. Much death happened, about half the crew. Sara is getting her stuff to move and on her way out she runs into a GAMBEE pilot who throws a water bottle at her because she thinks Sara didn’t do enough and shouldn’t have hid the fact.

Sara makes a stop at the locker room, where only Lotti is there and she is having a breakdown. She sees Sara and tells her whats up. Lotti’s dream was to be a pilot with her bother, however Ralph killed her brother. Now we know why Lotti is so revenge bent on Ralph. Lotti also sees Sara is getting bullied again.

Sara gets her new room and Emily is in there as well, with a new outfit that Sara wanted for her. She now talks to Emily and asks for her help to bring her brother back to his kind self.

Again S-Strain delivers with another solid episode. There was nice action, and the story is moving along. The humor seems a bit misplaced at moments, but it is hard to fit it in there with all the depression. I still think it is something that people should watch, but will it continue is the question.