2006 December

December 2006

D.Gray-Man episode 7

I just did a recap in episode 6, so we will skip that in this episode. Like always, beware of spoilers :). Heh, double blog post today!


D.Gray-Man episode 6

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve done a recap, so once again, here is a list of characters starting with ones we’ve known for a while, and ending with the ones we learned about in the previous episode.


Back with the next D.Gray-Man! Sorry, but we are skipping the recap in this one, and getting right to the action, heh. Like always, pictures won’t be added ’till later. Beware spoilers…


Okay, now to episode 4! As some of you know, I’m not a wiz on pics, meaning once again, this will be devoid of pictures. Don’t forget about the spoilers, I mean this IS a review for the episode, not some forum talking about what might happen…


So, here is the question of the day: How do you follow up on an episode so great that it looked like the last episode in a series? Stumped? I would be too. The answer, though, is to make the next episode even better. How was it done? Read on my friend. S-Strain Step 02, Meeting

Wait, that is not a STRAIN

Wait...that is not a Strain


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