Take one part Matrix
One part Gundam
and one part of some third thing…
and this is what BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution basically is

Yea, I’d say he is dead

Yea, I'd say he is dead

All right, BALDR starts off with a drop of mechs into what looks like town, but soon we find it it is the Internet (insert your “Ooooos” here). Anyway, the place is completely empty and every one that was here was ‘flat lined’ meaning dead. One unlucky guard finds this huge hole in the area, then this girl appears. One thing leads to another and now this huge sphere thing kills the entire group. Way of death: heads exploding.

Then we shift over to some guys interrogating our main character, Tooru. In the end, he is given the choice to join FLACK (the people that arrested him) or 10 years in jail. He is kinda forced into the first one. So starting the next day Tooru starts his new job at FLACK.

Flashback time now! It goes back to how Tooru got arrested by FLACK. It starts off with this hacker group he is a part of, Steppen Wolf. The leader of it, Yuuya, has decided it was time for them to break up because he thought they were becoming to much like terrorists. The other people of the group agree, but they decide to do one last gig. The last job…does not go as well as expected. At the end of it, a FLACK member kills Yuuya right in front of Tooru. Then they end up getting caught and were right back to the beginning. Though, this does explain why Tooru joins FLACK better, it is to get revenge.

Now we move to Tooru’s first day on the job, he is taken to meet the rest of the team/group. There are three other people who jump into the net and one who does the whole monitoring thing. Simple enough, they all have their little perks and such.

Now, as if on a ironic clue, right after he finishes with the meeting, an alarm goes off. So, off to the internet they go. Thus, battle time. It looks cool, I will give it that, but it had the whole main character has a problem with fighting thing. I don’t see why though, I mean he is out for revenge and all so… Anyway after the battle Tooru heads to the area where him and his hacker crew hung out. To his surprise he finds a girl there. With that part 1 of BALDR FORCE comes to an end.

Overall, nice start for this OVA. Looking forward for more of it. For me, it is gonna have to pick up and give a bit more explanation. It tries to have a lot of sub-plots and for only 3 more parts to go it is gonna be hard to give them all a good end. If you like hi-tech anime go for it.

JACK IN MEGA– Wrong anime

JACK IN MEGA-- Wrong anime

What is she doing–

What is she doing--