Shadro is back and with…a new router. Yep, my old router died on Christmas, great gift huh? So today I was able to get a new, nice, working router. Expect posts to come back again in good time. With my return I plan to get everything working well. Follow the “more” link for the list. [EDIT that are now my resolutions ^-^ (thank you other blogs)]
Here are the things I plan to get working in the near future [EDIT Resolutions (ok I'll stop with the "edits" now)]
-post schedule/Update more

-Comments fixed and not marked as spam

-Catching up on series

-Bringing more series, new and old

-Not pissing off as many fangirls

-Not criticizing Yaoi as much to piss fangirls off and so on

-Become more popular in the anime blog world/Become known

-Along with the one above, more traffic and comments

-meet more anime people to talk too

-Better/More organized Categories

-and more stuff I can’t think of right now ^^ (will be edited as I think of more)

Be ready, because here or not we’ll keep blogging!