Time for D.Gray-Man episode 9! Okay, I really suck with pictures, and had my co-blogger put those in after I botched it. So, bear with it for a while, pics will be brought up soon. Spoiler alert. “Rewinding Town”

It begins with a lady who has black hair. It seems as if she has experienced october 28, 30 times already. This lady’s name turns out to be Miranda, and she is in a town that repeats itself exactly everyday. Nobody can get out. The children sing a song about how she is hated, and how she loses all of her jobs that she trys out for. Meanwhile back at the Black orginization, Komui sends Allen and Linalee on a mission to serch for innocence. They find out about the this town due to a wine dealer who keeps getting calls about 10 casks of wine to be there by tommorrow. The wine dealer couldn’t get in no matter what he tried, so Komui surmises that only exorsists can get in. But even they can’t get out once they are in. Linalee and Allen are on a boat to the town, and Linalee tells Allen a bit about her past after asking Allen wether or not he is getting used to the Order. Allen and Linalee get to the town, and Toma shows them how it is impossible for people to get in. They then go in by themselves, suprising Toma. Miranda once again experiences October 28. Counting down untill the next door neighbors get into a fight again. Allen and Linalee split up to look for clues and stuff. Miranda goes outside, and dodges some stuff that kids throw at her. Allen sees this and follows her. An akuma comes up to attack Miranda, but doesn’t kill her right away, and instead asks where the innocence is. Allen comes up and attacks the akuma (lvl 2 I think) Miranda sees Allen and thinks she has escaped the 28th. She runs out of the alley in glee. She finds out that the day isn’t really changed, and runs after Allen. It then moves to the noahs. The Earl seems to be after the innocence as well, and Rhode volunteers to get it. Inside the tavern that Allen walked into, he talks to Linalle about what happened. Allen has a huge meal. Linalee tells Allen that they cant leave. Miranda pops up and freeks out for a while. Some funny stuff happens, and she ends up asking for the exorcists help. Allen uses his eye, and sees that four people inside the tavern are actually akuma. He then tells Linalee about this, while they transform, and he surmises that Miranda is most likely the one who is compatible with the innocence. Allen is attacked by 3 lvl 2 akuma, while Miranda is taken by Linalee to safety. Meanwhile back outside Rhode (Road?!?) appears and enters the town. At the same time Allen is fighting the three akuma, and not having an easy time at it. The only reason he lives is because the three couldn’t decide on how to kill him. Allen attacks them while they play rock paper scisors. They get mad, and go in to attack Allen, but Rhode orders them to retreat. Linalee gets back to the tavern and talks to him(very briefly) about what happened. It goes back to Rhode, who is angry at the akuma fighting withought her. She knows who Allen is, and it seems as if she can’t wait untill she can kill him.