Time for D.Gray-Man episode 8! Soon I will learn how to put pictures into the blogs, so you won’t have to deal with my no-picture policy anymore :). Spoiler alert.

Allen Walker is working out in his room, doing one-handed push ups. After his 300th one, he goes out and hears a commotion. After a short conversation with Kanda, who happened to be walking by, Allen becomes even more curious as to what is happening. Linalee stops him from investigating this (it turns out that they are once again setting up the lunch room for Allen’s welcome back party), instead she asks Allen to help her deliver coffee to the science group. Meanwhile, the science group is complaining about their never-ending work, as well as Allen’s upcoming party. They wonder why Komui isn’t around, and soon after this is asked, a huge hole in the wall apears, with Komui standing in it. Moments after, a gigantic robot breaks through. It seems to be 3-4 times larger than Komui. It has several legs, and a door on its chest. Komui claims that it will cut down the work load of the science department in half. Everyone is happy, and wonders as to what name it should have. After several put downs from Komui, they decide to let Komui name the robot. He decides to name it Komurin 2. The science people ask whats up with the “2″ in the name. Komui explains that the previous one ate Kanda’s noodles, and Kanda proceeded to kill it. Allen and Linalee get to the science department. The robot then takes Komui’s coffee cup and drinks it, thus going berserk. The robot makes a comment about making exorcists stronger, and says he will make Linalee buff. Everyone imagines the disturbing image of Linalee being buff.

Linalee macho

Komui tells the science people that it isn’t acceptable to kill Komurin, and it isn’t acceptable to let it turn Linalee into a macho person. He then does something suprising: he tells Komurin that Allen’s akuma weapon is damaged, which makes Komurin put Allen on top priority. Allen and Komurin then go into a chase scene, reminding me of Scooby-Doo in a way. I will skip the specifics (if you want to know, you should watch it) but after several failed attempts at stoping the robot, Linalee manages to destroy it. Linalee brings Allen into the food room, and many people welcome him back from his mission. Finders and scientists mostly, and the cook. At the end, you see a table set for several people. A man with big muscles kills one of the maids, because his food wasn’t sweet enough. (It doesn’t say this but the muscular guy’s name is Skin Bolic.). It then procedes to show Rhode, the girl with the spoon in her mouth, and Tiki Mick (or Miki I’m not sure exactly) is the man sitting next to her. At the head of the table is the Mellinium Earl. It seems that the Noah family has met, to begin their scenario…

Skin Bolic

Skin Bolic

Rhode, on left. Tiki Mick(SP?) on right.

Rhode and Tiki.

Wow, I mean, WOW. I really brought in a bunch of pics this time. I hope this makes up for the ammount that haven’t been on in the past few…