All right, after the cliff hanger ending from the last episode, we can finally get into the main point of the series, being the age switch.

Wait, I’m not a child!?

Wait I'm not a child!?

All right, as I said, the switch has now happened. Shouko is now a child and Karada has jumped to adult hood. In the beginning, Shouko handles it very well, considering what happened, she doesn’t freak out much, or not at all really. However, Karada does; she goes into, basically, a nervous breakdown and blames herself for the whole thing. Shouko instead, of being mean, she actually turns to the nice side and starts being nice to Karada. They then head to Shouko’s house to hide out in a sense, since they can’t really go anywhere. Now the other characters, they don’t have a clue to what is going on. At Shouko’s house later on, they make the realization of the wishing stone causing the whole problem. Karada’s brother also realizes this as well, took him a while for he is worried about his sister ‘missing’.

The next morning Shouko and Karada head over to the wishing stone, only to find out it is now ash. Karada does not take this well, and again blames it on herself and goes into a nervous breakdown thing. However, her reason is only to help her brother and we are told this though…FLASHBACK! Yay flashbacks, really this one does explain a lot and you can start piecing things together after it. Less questions to be answered, all right!

Near the end of the episode, Hiro, Karada’s brother, sees Shouko and Karada and doesn’t recognize them. With that Karada starts to cry and the episode ends.

Overall it was a good episode, the whole thing with this series is it is different. I do like it for the most part, but I don’t know if it is something I want to keep up with. This one is hard to call, so I’m gonna leave it in the middle.

Nervous Breakdown

Nervous Breakdown