If the title didn’t explain it, I’m going to make an attempt at keeping this short. Short isn’t something I’m normally good at, but we’ll see.

Onward yes?

My name is Matetroz (feel free to call me Matet), and no, you may not try to pronounce it because there’s a good chance that even I’m wrong :). Writing is something that I love to do, doesn’t mean I’m good at it, though. Instead, over the years I’ve been improving my grammar and paying attention to the “correct” ways to speak, write, and t4lk j0.

This is how I came about my role in this place that is…The Blog. I am the editor. Hello everyone, how are you?

My work is likely to go unappreciated, but I’m not doing this to be liked. Also, just so everyone knows, the whole “letter to the editor” thing doesn’t really apply here. Like I said, I do not write posts, I just edit them. In other words, I make this place ledgible. For everything else, go to the almighty Shardo.

That is all from me. Thank you for reading.

Fear The Power, And Respect The Writing.

B|_|7 F34R /\/\3 |\|07