So, here is the question of the day: How do you follow up on an episode so great that it looked like the last episode in a series? Stumped? I would be too. The answer, though, is to make the next episode even better. How was it done? Read on my friend. S-Strain Step 02, Meeting

Wait, that is not a STRAIN

Wait...that is not a Strain

Well, here we are, the second episode of S-Strain and it is better than the first. I was shocked at how good the episode was. It started off IN SPACE! I mean, the setting changed! That is cool. I was expecting some more time on Earth, but nope. Sara has transferred and has changed her last name. Now due to Sara’s STRAIN being destroyed, along with her MIMIC, she is no longer able to pilot a STRAIN. That…is not good, but she is now the pilot of a much less shinny GAMBEE (doesn’t sound as cool too, also see top pic).

Now, with Sara being new, well, ok, there is the generic bully. Person you want to kill. In S-Strain it is Isabella. She thinks she is all that and crap, with her little posse. So Sara has that to deal with. Lucky her. Not the biggest of her worries though, she wants to get her schedule changed to do the sub light training. The higher ups, they don’t like the idea, but they say if Sara can complete the Bashion Desent Training, she can maybe have the changes.

So, Sara is on a mission to reach this goal, and with only four weeks it is not going to be easy. While training she meets a young STRAIN pilot named Lotti. Lotti is about the only one to get Sara to talk. Seems like getting off to a good start. Though, it did start with a challenge, but hey rivals can be friends too.

Later on, the day of the test has come and Sara is ready. Lotti wants to do a little spying on her so she heads to the tech guy and gets a camera on her. Sara is doing well on her mission, she has found the item needed to pass! Though, the evil Isabella starts attacking Sara. Due to where they are at, no communication or sight can be done by the main base; expect for the camera Lotti asked to be sent. In the end, though, Isabella hits a asteroid and is knocked out. Sara ends up saving her by sending a shock to her GAMBEE, and passes the test (first time in six years or something). Isabella, not knowing what happened, blames Sara for attacking with weapons. Lucky for Sara, Lotti knows all of what happens. In the end, Sara gets to move on.

Later on in the locker room, Sara’s pendent has gone missing. So she goes on a huge hunt for it. It is not found, but what is found, is a STRAIN. Along with that she finds a MIMIC, who is model: Emily (This could be why this ’step’ is called Meeting). Then Sara goes into a small breakdown, reflecting on what has happened and to end the episode it pans to a strange girl who almost looks like the MIMIC and says, “Emily,” and asks “my name?”

Overall, this was beyond words on how good it was. I didn’t expect something this good could come after the, also, great first episode. This is a must watch, and I look forward to more.

On a bit of a side note, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to say that S-Strain has it’s share of fanservice and nudity, but it is not something overdone in the least bit, it is not that crap that is just thrown in. No, it goes with the plot and such. Do you really expect not to see any in a locker room scene? Just thought a warring is in order if your planning on watching it (which you should).

Sara and Lotti
Sara and Lotti