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2006 December

December 2006

So, happy new year or new year’s eve depending where you’re at. I just got a chance, thanks to some friends, to head out to some nice stores to get some nice anime goods. I was taken to J-1, which is an awesome toy/model store. Then, right next to that, or across the street I suppose, was Mitsuwa, which has a whole bunch of stores like a book store. Below you will see pictures of what I got. So off you go…right now go, click.

Take one part Matrix
One part Gundam
and one part of some third thing…
and this is what BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution basically is

Yea, I’d say he is dead

Yea, I'd say he is dead


Shadro is back and with…a new router. Yep, my old router died on Christmas, great gift huh? So today I was able to get a new, nice, working router. Expect posts to come back again in good time. With my return I plan to get everything working well. Follow the “more” link for the list. [EDIT that are now my resolutions ^-^ (thank you other blogs)]

Hello all, this is Matet bringing you some depressing news. It is short-term news, but you need to know none-the-less.

Read on for information on the death of Shadro.

Time for D.Gray-Man episode 9! Okay, I really suck with pictures, and had my co-blogger put those in after I botched it. So, bear with it for a while, pics will be brought up soon. Spoiler alert. “Rewinding Town”


Time for D.Gray-Man episode 8! Soon I will learn how to put pictures into the blogs, so you won’t have to deal with my no-picture policy anymore :). Spoiler alert.


The preparation is over. The required training is done. The time of sub-lightspeed training has come. How does it turn out? Read on to find out.

Pwned! (Kinda)

Pwned! (Kinda)


All right, after the cliff hanger ending from the last episode, we can finally get into the main point of the series, being the age switch.

Wait, I’m not a child!?

Wait I'm not a child!?


If the title didn’t explain it, I’m going to make an attempt at keeping this short. Short isn’t something I’m normally good at, but we’ll see.

Onward yes?


Hello! Let me be the first to welcome you to G and the 1/2 Fraction. This oringaly started on, but I was lucky enough to get on to animeblogger. Many thanks to Maestro. I hope you enjoy your time, and that is about it for now. More to come soon ^^

Whether You Come or Not, We’ll Keep Bloggin’ Away!

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