“The ghost of Mateel”

Okay, so they say the name of this ep is The ghost of Mateel, but substitute Mateel with Martel(this is my personal favorite translation for the name.).


Old characters:

Allen Walker

Millenium Earl a.k.a. The Earl

TimCampy - Cross’ golem

Characters Introduced in last episode.
GateKeeper - He is the guy who is part of the gate, and makes sure no akuma gain entrance.

Kanda - An exorcist who uses a sword for his anti-akuma weapon.

Komui - Supervisor of the science devision(I think) and brother to Lenalee.

Lenalee/Rinali - Komui’s little sister. She is an exorcist, using boots as her anti-akuma weapon.

Cross - Allen’s master. Taught Allen about the exorcists, and is a general exorcist.

Hebraska - the keeper of the innocence. A exorcist that stores innocence inside of itself.

It starts out in the cafeteria, where we learn about Allen’s appetite, as well as Kanda’s personality. Allen orders “Potatoes au gratin, french fries, dry curry, mapo tofu, beef stew, meat pie, calpaccho, nashigoren, chicken with tuna salad, some scones, Tom Yam Kung soup in a cup, rice and after that, for dessert, some mango pudding and skewered dumplings… 20 of them!”- I think that was hilarious.

His order gets cut off when a fight breaks out. It turns out that Kanda is mad because “you’re whiining about dead people while I’m trying to eat”, thus starting a brawl. Allen stops the brawl, and Kanda states that he doesn’t like Allen one bit. Ironicaly both get called to do a mission together to find an innocence in Italy.

Allen gets an exorcist’s uniform, and they set out. Allen learns TimCampy can record information and play it back. His “finder”, Toma, explains what and why they would go search for a ghost if they are looking for innocence.

It turns out that finders were at the site, got ambushed by a couple of akumas, died, but set up a barrier to keep the innocence safe. They were holding it off, but an Akuma “Leveled up” which increased it’s power dramaticaly. Allen proceeds to fight it, but gets beaten when it steels his shape and stabs him with a copy of his arm.

Fin ;)