Sorry for no visualization for this, but it’s just how it is gonna be. May be some spoilers ;)

Ok, so in the last episode we see Allen Walker fight akumas. We learn about the existence of akumas, and that only “exorsits” can fight them.

In this episode it goes into more detail, and Allen finnaly makes it to the Dark Religious Orginization’s main base. Allen has a fight with another exorcist due to a misunderstanding. The Orginization’s GateKeeper sees that Allen has a curse mark on his forehead, and thinks that Allen is on the Millenium Earl’s side. Thusly Allen meets Kanda. Kanda is a samurai stylized exorcist. His “innocence”(The thing that makes an anti akuma weapon harmful to akumas) is melded into his blade. During the fight, they learn that Allen was actually sent there(due to a misplaced letter). This quickly ends the fight. Allen procedes into the Orginization’s building and learns what innocence is and all that good stuff.(While taking a painful procedure to fix his arm, which got damaged during the fight). Nearing the end of the episode one of the characters shows Allen to his room. As he reminisses while looking up at the picture above his bed, he says “I finally made it, Mana.” Mana is a person’s name btw….