Take 95% Fanservice

add 5% Mech Action, and you get Sky Girls.

Hey it is the one cool/good thing!

The one cool thing

Note: when you click more, there are fanservice images. So not exactly worksafe.

When I first found this, it looked like it was going to be good. This just goes to show, just like a book, don’t judge an anime from its cover.

The plot–if you could call it that–is that there was a war long ago with these evil things called worms. Earth…(yeah we suck) in the end, we had to use nukes on ourselves, basically, to get these worms to leave. Now, this causes tons of death and the north (or south I forgot) pole to melt so the Earth has even more water! But, what do you know, the worms come back. (Wow who didn’t see that coming? Really.) So what do we do to fight the worms? MECHS! Yep, mechs. (See why I watched this in the first place?) Now, see, the anime would have been good if it was mechs fighting these worm things, but no, instead we get about a half a hour of fanservice. This really pisses me off. I mean, ugh, just WHY? I just really wish the OVA didn’t go in the fanservice direction.

Now, not only the fanservice, but the genericness of the characters really shows. I swear, with these three girls, it should have been a magical girl series (note, I do actually like Magic Girl series). I mean, you have the generic leader person who is calm and all of that, the generic genius/shy girl, and then you have the one girl who is ditsy and people wonder why she is there but has some special power. Her’s is to communicate with her mech, and she is also good with the sword (go figure that one).

Now, as I said, at the start there is 5% of mech action. This, the mech action was great. If the OVA was more mech action, it could have been so much better, but it didn’t turn out that way sadly.

I really don’t have much to say on this one. What is good is good, and the rest is bad. I say stay away from the OVA. What promise it showed was quickly shot down by the overdone fanservice.

The only set of clothes not revealing

Only clothes not revealing