I apologize for the lack of updates. It was Wii week…come on guys, it’s the Wii. Anyway, time to put in a new series to watch. This one is a mech anime, so it’s right up my ally. Overall, I enjoyed this series quite a bit. At first, it wasn’t all that great, but man it will pull you in.

There is always a flashback

Teh Flashback

All right, the episode starts off with a flashback to our main character’s (Sara’s) past. This scene is about how her brother leaves to go to war and is to never be seen again. Now, anime 101 here: person leaves, sibling goes to follow in foot steps, but right before that, Sara is given the standard item that is important.

So years later we’re put into training following Sara. Here we meet some other characters and see the mechs in this anime called STRAINs (yes, mech anime will have a name for the mechs always, it will never be called a mech). Now, here we meet the standard character who has a crush on the main character. He is Cedric. Same training group, can’t admit his love, so on, so forth.

NOW! This is where S-Strain starts to pick up. Sara and Cedric are dancing and there are some “fireworks”, which is an enemy attack. So, Sara and her group head to their mechs er….STRAINs. They head into battle and then an unknown STRAIN comes in. This STRAIN…kills everybody on Sara’s team and she is shot down.

BOOM! HUGE SURPRISE! Half the people you think are important are dead now.
Now, the ending is when something very ironic and important happens. Sara sees the mech STRAIN pilot who is…HER BROTHER, who stole a child that was hidden in some secret thing. THEN, the necklace breaks (which is the very important item from before). This, right here, is the first episode of Soukou no Strain.

Final word, pick it up it, took the main stream mech anime and rose it a level. It may be the same old, same old, but it does it well.

Everyone Likes Fanservice



Teh Mech...Strain