Well, I have gotten around to sitting down and watching .Hack//Sign all the way though in one sitting. It was an experience, let me tell you that. This series is one that does not come around often. .Hack//Sign is one of the very few serious animes out there, and this one, just happens to be great. Maybe it was just made at the right time, but the plot is something else. The whole idea between the virtual world vs. the real world is just…it just hit something right. For those of you that don’t know, .Hack//Sign was an anime that came out a bit ago, but just released a new box set because it did so well.

The whole idea with .Hack//Sign is that you have a game called “The World”. “The World” is very much like any MMO game you could think of, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, and others. The story takes place around the character Tsukasa. Tsukasa, in the game, is a spell caster, or in their terms, a “wavemaster”. There is something special about him, though: Tsukasa can not log out of the game. He meets up with a heavyblade character named Mimiru, however, he isn’t the nicest to her. Mimiru doesn’t like the way she is treated and lets Tsukasa know. Their relationship changes throughout the series. The same thing happens when Tsukasa meets Bear and others.
Early on in the series Tsukasa is given a gift: a guardian. This guardian kills a knight to protect Tsukasa and this sends the knight into a comma in real life. This causes for Tsukasa to be hunted.

Another important side plot to point out is the Crimson Knights. This is a group of players that try to enforce justice in The World. They are led by Lady Subaru. The Knights start to look into Tsukasa after he gets his guardian. He is captured and then has a conversation with Lady Subaru. He escapes with the help of Sora, an assassin, and Mimiru.

I really don’t want to give away the whole series, so this is enough. Lets just say the series picks up a lot after this point. I may come back to finish the rest of the series. But I highly recommend this series to anybody.