All right, following along with other exorcist animes such as Chrono Crusade and Helsing comes D. Gray-Man. This follows the story of a young exorcist named Allen Walker, who uses a huge arm as his preferred demon killing weapon.

Allen and Moore

Allen And Moore

The episode starts off with Allen just getting into London. The first thing that happens? He gets in trouble with a cop.

Mrs. Moore, the cop, finds Allen in a place that is rumored to be haunted. She handcuffs Allen, but just after she finds out Allen isn’t the cause of the rumor, Moore’s partner is killed and she passes out from a gas.

Moore later wakes up back in the station and Allen tries to explain what is killing all the people. He says it is an Akuma or a demon, he is not believed, though, and even sent to be under house arrest at Mrs. Moore’s house.

At Moore’s house we see her brother, Mark. However, Mark is not Mark anymore, this Mark is the Akuma. So Allen uses his arm weapon and defeats the Akuma with ease.

The episode ends with Allen talking about the Earl of Millennium, and him heading off to the exorcist headquarters.

Overall the series is off to a great start, good plot, nice characters, and some cool action. If your in to the exorcist series take a look. Also, if you like your action stuff, check it out as well.

Teh Arm and Teh Released Soul

Teh Arm Teh Free Soul