All right, here we go. Asatte no Houkou. This anime is something a bit new and different. It is very much one of those every day life animes following the two main characters, Shouko Nogami and Karada Iokawa, but in the end of the first episode you’re hit with one huge twist.

Shouko and Karada

Shouko Karada

The one huge twist is that the two main characters end up switching ages by the end of the first episode, here. Leaving Shouko as a child again and Karada jumping though puberty and being a young lady.

Now that is the end of the episode, but there is plenty of stuff that happens before then. It starts with Shouko coming back after being in America. She meets Karada at a shrine where she is making a wish. Soon we find out Karada is the younger sister of Hiro. Hiro here was with Shouko for a bit in America, but then had to leave and never came back. This does not sit will with Shouko, now, seeing why he had to leave and not come back.

Still, Shouko is invited to head to the beach with Karada, Hiro, and some other people. That goes fine for a bit, and Shouko finds out that Karada hates being treated like a child. Later on, Shouko gets fed up with dealing with the past and finding Hiro after he left her, and she takes her anger out on Karada, by treating her like a child. Hiro is not happy with that and tries to have a talk. In the end, he is slapped.

Now, Shouko and Karada meet up at the same shrine as before, and then the big switch happens. Karada’s wish is granted and then the episode ends.

Overall, I thought it was a nice start to this series, it is not the happy-go-lucky that a lot of anime seems to be. It is nice and serious with some depression in there. The plot may not be for everyone though. The art is beautiful in this, in my opinion. Clean, crisp, and the backgrounds look awesome along with the characters.

Final word, if your looking for something new and different, start looking into this. If you want your “normal” anime, being more upbeat and happy–or with fighting and such–not so much for you.

Teh Switch

The Switch